Business Values

✔Welcoming & Creative

✔ Individual Projects

✔ Clean & Safe Environment

✔ Premium Materials 

✔ Respected Privacy

✔ Free Drinks & Snacks

✔ Parking Nearby

✔ Luxemburgish - German - French - English

"I was not only very satisfied with his work, but he also took into account my preferences, made changes to the design if it didn't exactly match what I wanted, and shared his opinion while bringing in new ideas. The overall atmosphere is very pleasant and the conversations are friendly. I have already gotten 6 tattoos from him and they won't be the last."
Mandy. S

"I have already gotten several tattoos from him, and I have always been very satisfied. Whether it's the process of finding the design or the creativity of the tattoo, the actual tattooing, or the healing process, I have never felt uncomfortable. He is always friendly, and the communication is very pleasant, both in person and through messages."
Merle. S

"I got my first tattoo done yesterday. My nervousness quickly dissipated when I was warmly received. The studio is decorated with great passion, and one immediately feels at ease. It is evident that this is a heartfelt project and that he loves his work. My heartfelt desire was perfectly executed yesterday, and it certainly won't be my last tattoo 😊"
Anouk. L

"Great work and excellent service. One of my favorite tattoos and exactly what I wanted. Thank you 😊"
Noemie. H

"He is very talented and, if you want, also talkative :) He makes sure if the pain is bearable or if you need a break. His work is creative and can be deep when required. I'm still in love with my tattoo!"
Jessica. W

""Unique tattoo studio, I adore his attention to detail! 
I felt very comfortable, as if I were at home. 
He is a truly special tattoo artist! He does excellent work, and I appreciate his positive and calm energy! 
Thank you."
Ken. W

"Super nice tattoo artist with an amazing style for tattooing in a relaxed environment. Definitely worth it, and I'll be going back for another one. 🔥🔥🔥"
Jérôme. D

"It was a spontaneous decision at a festival in Beaufort. I am extremely pleased with the outcome! Furthermore, I absolutely adore the unique style; it's not the typical perfection, yet the result is flawless! I definitely plan on getting more tattoos done by him in the future."
Jill. D

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Private Event Hosting & Bookings

I offer the option to host private events, such as tattoo-parties or special occasions at my shop. I can also be  booked exclusively for these private events, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience. For all other events, I will evaluate and confirm if everything alings to provide the best possible.